About Us

Euclid Beamlabs LLC, formed in the winter of 2014, is a growing spin-off company from Euclid Techlabs LLC, particularly to commercialize industrial accelerator and related technologies developed at Euclid Techlabs. The current business goal of Euclid Beamlabs is to commercialize developed X-band and S-band accelerator components (pulse compressors, L, S and X-band RF windows and others) and an ultra-compact ~ 1 MeV range X-band accelerator for X-ray sources and other industrial and medical applications. Euclid Beamlabs, LLC has a fabrication facility located in a high tech business park area in a suburb of Chicago (address: 367 Remington Blvd., Bolingbrook, IL 60440).

Euclid Beamlabs is equipped with a CNC machine, various microwave and DC sputtering systems, electrical plating system, RF measurement lab, and other conventional instruments. Under the number of subcontract arrangements and close collaborations with Argonne National Laboratory Euclid has access to the equipment at ANL/Center of Nanoscale Materials including CVD diamond deposition reactors and various characterization equipment.