Euclid BeamlabsLabs has extensive experience in computational modeling and design of particle accelerators and related applications. We offer both software for sale and consulting services, both for Windows and Linux based platforms.

  • BBU-3000 system of codes has developed primarily to study beam breakup effects in dielectric loaded wakefield structures. The code uses analytic wakefields to compute the forces between particles. A FODO channel or solenoid can be placed around the wakefield device for beam breakup suppression. A GUI is available to set up and monitor the progress of the simulation. A high speed GPU-based force calculator has also been implemented.
  • Euclid distributes theSuperLANSfamily of PC/Windows codes for axisymmetric RF cavity field calculations. Some of the capabilities of this suite include monopole and multipole fields and the use of different materials and boundary conditions.
  • Euclid is developing a multiphysics model of cavity breakdown using in-house software and third party codes where appropriate. Breakdown in normal and superconducting RF cavities is a complex problem. Our goal is to provide the capability of a complete, physically authentic simulation of cavity breakdown.
  • Our expertise also extends to modeling the interaction of ionizing radiation with materials. These problems have included simulations the spatial distribution of charge deposited in dielectrics by electron beams, and radiation shielding design for mobile CT facilities.
  • We have a strong expertise in modeling beam based X-ray, THz, and neutron sources.

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