THz source

Euclid BeamLabs is developing a table top narrow band THz source based on small energy (few MeV) electron accelerator. We had performed a set of experiments at ATF (BNL) and AWA (ANL) producing hundreds of kWt peak power signals with pulse durations of hundreds of picoseconds.

THz radiation production is of great interest in science and industry. There are many approaches to the development of THz sources, for example laser driven THz emitters, solid state oscillators (high frequency diodes), quantum cascade lasers and electron beam driven. The beam driven sources of radiation can be separated into non-relativistic vacuum electronics devices and ultra-relativistic accelerator based radiators. The key concept developed by Euclid Techlabs is a method to produce a sub-picosecond bunch train which can be used in table top FEL as well. When electron beam is spatially modulated it can generate THz by a variety of mechanisms: transition, Cherenkov, Smith – Purcell and undulator radiation.

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